About Us

Welcome to Naseberry! We are a baby and children's apparel and accessory line dreamed up by working mom Alissa, with the help of her husband, Neimann. Our products are designed by Alissa, with vibrant patterns hand drawn by Alissa and her father.
We prioritize using only organic materials to outfit your little one in whimsical, yet elegant garments. Our mission is to showcase and celebrate the color brown so that children grow up knowing it's beautiful. Brown doesn't have to be a neutral or an accent...it can be the star! By shining the spotlight on brown, we hope to influence a generation that is more inclusive and accepting of all. When you dress your little one in their Naseberry items, our wish is that you remind them that brown is a beautiful color!
Why organic? Organic cotton is not grown with harmful chemicals and pesticides, which is better for the environment. Additionally, organic cotton does not contain chemical or pesticide residue, making it a safer option for your children's health. Our items are produced in a factory that is both WRAP and GOTS certified. WRAP certification reviews and monitors 12 principles assuring safe, legal and ethical manufacturing processes. GOTS certification ensures the organic nature of textiles from the harvesting of raw materials through socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing and labelling.